Mitsubishi PLC Programming

Mitsubishi PLC Programming

Wolf Automation have been suppling Mitsubishi PLC programming services for more than 25 years. Models including F Series, FX1, FX2, FX3 Q series and Alpha. We have programmed, installed and serviced control systems utilising Mitsubishi PLC's in many industry sectors with many different applications. Utilising MedocGX Developer, IQ Works software packages and the relevant communication interfaces  we are able to help with your control system. We are also able to integrate HMI's and inverters into control systems to supply complete solutions.

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Any Application, Any Industry, Anywhere

Mitsubishi PLC's

  • Melsec F1
  • Melsec FX1
  • Melsec FX2
  • Melsec FX3
  • Alpha

 Mitsubishi Software

  • Medoc
  • GX Developer
  • IQ Works
  • GX Works


Mitsubishi PLC Projects

  • Conveyors & Material Handling
  • Cold Roll Forming Mill
  • Backup Generator Control
  • Building Control / Automation
  • Car Park Traffic Light System
  • Gearbox Test Rig Control

Nescafe Coffee Jar Lid Sorter

Mitsubishi PLC Programming

The PLC control system consisted of the new Mitsubishi FX3s  processor, programmed via GX Works2 (part of IQ Works) a GOT2104 HMI and multiple Mitsubishi inverters. The PLC communicate with each of the inverters through RS485 with an addon communication module using Mitsubishi Inverter Communication Protocol.

As well as hopper level control the system detected incorrectly orientated coffee jar lids and ejected them. The correctly orientated lids are then streamed them onto a single conveyor to go onto assembly correctly orientated.

The GOT2104 HMI was programmed using GT Designer. This allows all the functionality of the system to be adjusted by the customers engineer.  These settings were protected via password. The HMI also displayed system messages and current status of the machine.

If you need a PLC programmer contact me now. Email:   Call: 0845 838 7048

Any Application, Any Industry, Anywhere