PLC Programmer

PLC Programmer

Need a PLC programmer? Wolf Automation offer PLC programming, automation & control system services. We have over 25 years  of experience working with all types of PLC control systems including, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Direct Logic, Unitronics.  We have created solutions in many different industries including Automotive, Cold Rolled Steel, Rubber and Tyres, Food and Beverage, Industrial cleaning, Conveyors, Automated Warehouse to name a few. Based in the Midlands we are ideally located to help where ever you are in the UK or the rest of the world.

You may need a PLC programmer on a short or medium term contract basis, if you have work but don't have the capacity in your programming / commissioning team, we are able to fill the gap.

 If you have a machine or process that has broken down, needs modifying or if you need a new program or control system. We can help!

If you need a PLC programmer contact us now. Email:   Call: 0845 838 7048  

Any Application, Any Industry, Anywhere


  • New PLC Programs
  • PLC Program modification
  • Contract PLC Programming
  • PLC & Control system fault finding
  • New control systems
  • Control system upgrades
  • Sourcing / Supplying obsolete & legacy equipment


 Industries Including

  • Automotive
  • Cold Roll Formimng
  • Rubber & Tyre
  • Tube Forming
  • Brewing & Food Production
  • Building Control
  • Conveyors & Packaging



Recent Projects.

Nescafe Coffee Jar Lid Sorter

Mitsubishi PLC ProgrammerWe have just completed programming a conveyor system that accepts injection moulded Nescafe coffee Jar Lids, and orientates them ready to be assembled and fitted to jars of Nescafe coffee.

The control system consisted of  the new Mitsubishi FX3s  processor, programmed via GX Works2 (part of IQ Works) a GOT2104 HMI and multiple Mitsubishi inverters. The PLC communicated with each of the inverters through RS485 on a addon communication module using Mitsubishi Inverter Communication Protocol.

As well as hopper level control the system detected incorrectly orientated coffee jar lids and ejected them before streaming them onto a single conveyor to go onto assembly.

The HMI was programmed using GT Desigenr to allow all the functionality of the system to be adjusted by the customers engineer, these settings were protected via password. The HMI also displayed system messages and current status of the machine.

If you need a PLC programmer contact me now. Email:   Call: 0845 838 7048

Any Application, Any Industry, Anywhere

PLC programming

PLC Programming

Jaguar Landrover Allen Bradley Controlled Body in White Body Store

Allen Bradley PLC ProgrammerWorking as a contract PLC programmer, we formed part of the PLC Programming / Commissioning team for the brand new car body store at Jaguar Landrover in Solihull.

The system, built over 4 floors is able to store 1200 car bodies, sequence them into production order and retrieve them to send them into paint. The system which has 5 Rockwell Allen Bradley GuardLogix 1756-L73S processors and 30 PanelView Plus 1250 HMI's  interfaces with JLR's manufacturing system to ensure that the correct bodies are in the correct place at all times. The panelView devices were programmed using Rockwells FactoryTalk View Studio software.

All motion, Rollerbeds, Roller Chains, Conveyors, TurnTables, Scissor Lifts, Transporters and Drop Sections is carried out by SEW MOVIFIT FDC and SEW MOVIPRO inverters which are mounted locally to each motor. Configuration of the SEW devices was carried out utilising Movitools Motion Studio.

The PLC sequences the motion via Ethernet IP. All I/O is also mounted in the field. As with all new projects at JLR the PLC's were programmed complying to JLR's DCP programming standard. As preparation for this job I completed the Rockwell DCP programming training course and Rockwells GuardLogix Safety PLC programming course.

If you need a PLC programmer contact me now. Email:   Call: 0845 838 7048

Any Application, Any Industry, Anywhere

Wardrobe Assembly Line Upgrade

omronWe have just completed the upgrade of a production line producing wardrobes and cabinets for some of the UK's largest retailers.

The production line is based upon an Omron CP1L PLC with expansion modules. We were called in to sort out some positioning issues which often resulted in damage to cabinets and also produced  health and safety problems for the operators working on the line.

We were able to diagnose and rectify the main issues on the day, resetting sensor angular positions to obtain consistent sensing results regardless of the colour of the wardrobe and some small modifications to the sequencing in the PLC Program. We made a  return visit after we suggested further improvements to aid the operators and reduce the possibility for damage.

If you need a PLC programmer contact me now. Email:   Call: 0845 838 7048

Any Application, Any Industry, Anywhere